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Specializing In: 

Tap, Jazz, Ballet/Pointe, Lyrical, Hip Hop,and Gymnastics

Dance Force is a very respectable studio for dance training in various areas. The strong technical background and the joy of dance are taught to each student. We feel that students need to have fun and learn at the same time!

Dance Force Schedules are provided by calling the dance studio or email us here.

Description of Classes:

Pre Ballet/Tap (3-5 yrs old):

This Introductory level dance class provides students the ability to learn the basic steps of tap and ballet.  Creative movement is also incorporated in Pre Ballet/Tap.  This class is offered as a combination of ballet & tap for 45 minutes.  Students learn 1-2 dances that they will perform in the Dance Force recital at the end of the season.  Only 1 costume needs to be purchased. Tap shoes are black patent leather, and pink ballet slippers.  Any color or style of leotards/tights are to be worn in class.

Pre Gymnastics (3-5 yrs old):

Basic tumbling and stretches are incorporated in a 45 minute class. Students are to take class in bare feet. Students do participate in the Dance Force recital at the end of the season.

Ballet (6 yrs old & up): 

Ballet is the basis for all dance forms.  Ballet works on posture, grace, strength and discipline.  Classes are 45 minutes to 1 hour in length depending on dance level. Pink Ballet slippers, leotard, tights and a bun are mandatory for ballet class.  Ballet Classes age 9 and up are required to wear a Black leotard. Ages 9 and under can wear leotard color of theie choice.  

Tap (6 yrs old & up):

This form of dance focuses on coordination and rhythm patterns. The feet act as musical instruments in this dance form. Form fitting dance clothes are to be worn. Black Tap shoes are worn for class. Tap shoes may be lace or u-shell buckle. Boys should wear tie tap shoes. Classes are 45 minutes. Hair pulled back.

Jazz (6 yrs old & up):

An upbeat technical form of dance, derived from ballet. Classes focus on posture and flexibility while teaching combinations of leaps and turns. Classic jazz dance and newer styles are incorporated. Classes are 45 minutes long. Form fitting dance clothing should be worn to class and black jazz shoes, hair pulled back.

Hip Hop (9 yrs old & up):

A fun street style form of dancing, the latest moves and music are incorporated in class. Classes work on intricate hand and feet coordination. Classes are 45 minutes long. Black Jazz shoes or dance sneakers are worn to class with form fitting dance clothes.

Lyrical (Intermediate & Advanced):

Graceful form of dance derived from ballet and jazz. Movements are performed to tell a story by expressing the lyrics through movement. Students must have a ballet background and be approved by the director before entering a lyrical class. Classes are 45 minutes long. Dance Paws or Foot Undeez should be worn for each class.

Gymnastics (6 yrs old & up):

Floor tumbling, stretching, balance beam and Strengthening will be taught during class. Classes
are 45 minutes in length. Gymnastics classes perform in the recital, routine incorporates Jazz and Gym,


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